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At the core of the true You Hub is a solid and flexible, easy-to-follow, healthy weight loss plan. It will help you attain a truly sustainable weight loss, and healthy eating habits that will not fall away after the programme is finished; it is to the point, practical and, most importantly, proven to work!
We all know that self-care, wellness, and confidence are important parts of a happy and successful healthy lifestyle, yet it is hard to take the time out of our busy lives to actually focus on it. Everyday stress and the many roles we have to fill can be overwhelming. As life happens around us we often end up losing track of our true self. Who even is the best version of you?

How Can We Help?

Are you trying to lose weight, yet it never really happens? Have you put the effort in and seen results, only to see them disappear again quickly, as you slide back into old habits? Is your confidence dwindling? This is the reality for so many women, and there is no lack of programmes that offer a quick fix with instant results. Very few actually deliver, and those that do mostly fail when it comes to maintaining the results. Not so with the True You Hub Plans!
We all have an image of the woman we want to be: slim, healthy, confident and happy, ready for the rest of her life to begin! That woman is right there inside of you; she is waiting impatiently and ready to go! The True You Hub will help you find her, and give you the tools to become her, for good!

The Four Pillars of Wellness

The True You Hub will provide all the tools and guidance to improve your physical, mental & emotional health. Our Plan is based on the four pillars of wellness to ensure all elements of wellbeing are addressed and nurtured

Feel transformed

With an easy-to-follow plan and an expert team to guide you, you will have everything you need to evolve and become the best version of yourself! In addition to our trained support team, we have Experts in all the key areas of wellbeing to support the transformation, including:

Weight Loss
Hormones & Menopause
Soul Awakening
Alcohol Reduction

Meet some of our inspirational experts


Heart, mind, health, and soul are all connected. Basically, it’s pointless trying to implement and maintain one without the other. Therefore, if you are just looking for weight loss and this seems too much to tackle, don’t be daunted: we have created a plan that will guide and support, to uncover the real you and make small changes that will change your life forever. Undeniably, from this point forwards, we’ve got you!

The True You Hub is a safe community, full of like-minded women. Undeniably, it’s a beautiful and safe space where you can be fully supported. We address all four cornerstones of well-being to peel back the layers that weigh you down.

We bring together women who want to lose weight healthily and easily to make different food choices, share their journeys in a safe and supportive community & master their mindset so that they can succeed at the goals they set themselves and become the best versions of themselves....body, mind & soul!

A message from Emma Bowman Smith, TYH founder

I truly want to empower women to become the best versions of themselves: it is within us all to be that person! Nobody understands the constraints of time and the pressures and stresses of our lives as women more than I do. Therefore, our plan needs to be simple yet effective: we must give our members clear guidelines to follow, guidelines that will change their habits for life. Then they can become healthy, happy, and whole.

I created this plan because after a significant weight loss myself on a ketogenic plan: I expected to finally be the woman I knew was hiding inside that much larger body for all those years, but something was still missing. As I mentored thousands of women and also spent years researching and learning, I finally understood what makes us feel whole and fulfilled. The outcome is The True You Hub, which provides all the tools needed to find yourself again, and some you won’t even be aware that you need!

The True You Blog

Tonje Lange is experienced in mental health & well being. She covers all four pillars in her engaging True You Hub blog.

The Weight Of The World

Adulting is hard. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes the world is a scary place, and lately it seems like it’s getting a little scarier each day. How does this relate to this month’s sphere in the TYH, which is “weight”, you ask? That’s what I’ve been pondering this week.

Spend the next 66 days becoming a better you.

Research proves that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. And the good news is that the researchers also found that you can safely forget or skip a day and still successfully build that new habit! With a proven weight-loss and nutrition plan at its core, the 66 Day Life Change Plan will provide support and guidance in every element of well-being. Supported by experts in all four pillars to help discover and become the best version of you.

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